Sprinkler Systems And Landscaping Irrigation Solutions That Help Reduce Wasted Water

Keeping your lawn and landscaping green requires the use of a lot of water, but there are modern irrigation and sprinkler systems that can help. If you want to reduce the amount of water that gets wasted to water your lawn and irrigate landscaping, consider some of these solutions to reduce the waste:

1. Drip Irrigation with Rain Collection for An Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Rain collection systems are a great way to conserve water, and it can be used for the irrigation needs of your landscaping. Connecting a drip irrigation system to your rain barrel is a simple way to make your watering more efficient and reduce waste. You will use a fraction of the water that is used with conventional sprinklers and cut your water bills. Drip irrigation works for any plants, and you can even water your lawn using soaker hoses.

2. Direct Irrigation of Landscaping Using DIY Grey Water Recycling Solution

The water from your dishwasher or washing machine can easily be used for irrigation of the landscaping outside of your home. All the irrigation system will need is a little filtration because the water that comes from appliances is mostly clean. This is a good resource for reducing water consumption. In addition, using the water from appliances will also help to reduce strain on septic tanks that can be overburdened with too much grey water going into the tank. If you have excess grey water, you may want to consider having a separate storage tank installed for this resource.

3. Runoff Collection and A Solar Pond Pump to Power DIY Sprinkler Systems

Runoff from the landscaping around your home can also be used for irrigation. Consider using small ponds and water features to collect runoff. The water can be pumped to irrigation sprinklers using a small solar pump that is connected to the pipes. This is a simple way to increase the capacity of your rain collection to use the water for irrigating your landscaping. To reduce evaporation of the collection pond during the summer months, add shade to the area to protect it from direct sunlight. You can add fish to the pond to make it look attractive and help keep the water clean.

These are some of the solutions that will help you reduce the amount of water that gets wasted when watering your lawn. Contact a sprinkler service, like  Regency Irrigation, to help with some of these improvements to reduce your water waste.